patient testimonials


December, 2016
I met Dr. Wahid as a result of a medical emergency. He saved my life, so pretty hard to grumble about anything else. Dr. Wahid is a great guy as well as a great Dr. and hard working and dedicated to his patients, skilled and knowledgeable. My fortune to run into him one night.

September, 2016
Dr Wahid is a credit to the medical community. My blood pressure was out of control and he saw me after hours when his office was close. (No one does that today )..

June, 2011
I received Dr. Wahid's care by the "luck of the draw" when I was transported to Centennial Hospital in Frisco by ambulance during a heart attack. I credit Dr. Wahid with saving my life, installing two stents and providing shock therapy to rid me of fibrillation. Something he also did that was very impressive to my whole family was the care he took in explaining my situation to my family members at the hospital.

March, 2010
Dr. Wahid is an outstanding doctor. I have been a patient of his for a number of years and I cannot imagine my heart's health in the hands of another physician. I feel entirely confident that I am in the best of care with him as my doctor. He truly cares about each and every one of his patients and goes above and beyond the limits to make sure that he gives us all his best. He stays on that cutting edge of what medicines and procedures work best for each individual yet he is never too busy for questions or concerns. His staff consists of a well-educated and caring team who work together to his patients' benefit. I believe that God and modern medicine work together to perform miracles. Dr. Wahid confirms my belief.

November, 2009
Dr. Wahid is very knowledgeable and professional. I had 99% blockages in six coronary arteries and had no symptoms. His diagnosis and treatment led to my life being saved. I avoided a heart attack and had a sextuple by-pass. I cannot speak more highly of him then what I have already stated. Thank God for Doctor Wahid. by David S.

November, 2009
I was being treated for pneumonia by another doctor when I actually had A Fib. Under Dr. Wahid's care, I was properly diagnosed and treated in a succession of ways until he found a way to fix the issue. We tried meds, cardio version(s) and finally an ablation fixed the issue. My EF has come up from 27 to 50 in 5 months and my heart is getting stronger. This guy is the man, prayer works but Dr. Wahid works right alongside it. by James L.

July, 2009
My husband had a heart attack in March and Dr. Wahid was called in. He was giving medical orders to the ambulance techs as they were working on my husband at the house. It was 8:00 am morning traffic from Celina that the ambulance had to drive in. Dr. Wahid was quick to diagnose, perform the tests and do the stents that saved my husband's life. I just know that God brought this wonderful doctor into our lives. Thank you, Dr. Wahid for your dedication and knowledge to your career. by Barb and James